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Sutton Coldfield’s Newest and Best Equipped Health & Fitness Club… Coming soon!

Cardio Kit

Get your heart beating and your blood racing with our cardio equipment. We have a wide selection of cardiovascular equipment from treadmills, ellipticals, ascent trainers, climbmills, bikes and concept 2 rowing machines. Our range of cardio kit can cater for all of our members abilities and personal needs.

Free Weights

If your goal is to build muscle, increase strength and raise your metabolism then our free weight section is the perfect place for you. We have a magnitude of dumbbells/barbells, benches, squat rack, smith machine, cable pulleys and plate loaded kit all available for you to use.


Our fixed resistance machines are a great way to start a strength training routine and develop the base strength and stability needs prior to using free weights. From the multi press, lat pull down, chest fly/rev fly to the leg press, leg extension/curl, hip ab/adductors, our members can have a whole body workout in a single training session.

Exercise Zone

Our functional training space provides you with the freedom to perform a multitude of movement patterns and train in different planes of motion too. With the help of tools such as the TRX, kettlebells, battle ropes, Swiss balls, medicine balls, agility ladders, you can train your body for stability, strength and power all in one spot.

Group Exercise Classes

All group exercise classes are included in the membership at K5 Health and Fitness. We have a wide range of classes with Les Mills branded classes integrated into our studio timetable. As well as also having yoga, pilates, barre, group cycling, HIIT and much, much more on offer, we’re confident we have a suitable class for everyone regardless of ones fitness age and ability level.

Example Classes Timetable:

Monday –

6.45-7.30 – Group Cycle

9.15-10.00 – Booty Burn

10.15-11.00 – Pilates

17.45-18.45 – Body Pump

19.00-20.00 – Body Combat

Tuesday –

7.00-7.45 – HIIT

9.30-10.30 – Body Pump

10.45-11.45 – Body Balance

18.00-19.00 – Vinyasa Yoga

19.00-19.45 – Group Cycle


6.30-7.15 – Body Pump

9.15-10.15 – Body Combat

10.30-11.15- Group Cycle

17.45-18.30 – Booty Burn

18.45-19.45 – Body Balance

Thursday –

7.00-7.45 – Bootcamp

9.00-10.00 – Hatha Yoga

10.15-11.15 – Body Pump

17.45-18.30- Group Cycle

18.30-19.15 – Pilates conditioning

Friday –

7.00- 7.45- CoreFit

9.30-10.30 – Body Balance

10.45-11.30- Bootcamp/HIIT

18.00-19.00 – Restorative Yoga

Saturday –

9.15-10.15- Body Pump

10.30-11.15 – Body Combat

11.15-12.15 – Body Balance

Sunday –

10.00-11.00 – Yin Yoga

11.00-11.45 – Group Cycle

Our new Health and Fitness Club Launches in January...

Email: info@k5healthandfiness.com Contact Chris Southall, General Manager: 0121 353 2953

Health & Fitness Club with Gym in Sutton Coldfield – K5 Health and Fitness, Mere Green

Our Location in Mere Green…

Unit 5a, Mulberry Walk, Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield, B75 5BS

Click image To See Full Floor Plan PDF

See both Floors and a full equipment List

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A Quick Message…
We are really pleased and excited to announce that we are now 100% moving from our old premises and are not only expanding to over four times the size of our current fitness club but also re-branding as K5 Heath and Fitness because of the many additional health & fitness facilities we can now offer.
Many thanks to all existing members who are making the move with us. Without your help and support this could never have been possible… For all existing or potential New Members, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have, and please, do take advantage of our discounted introductory offer while you can!
We’d love to hear from you soon!
Chris & Dave

Contact Chris or Dave today with any questions you might have about Sutton Coldfield’s newest K5 Health and Fitness Club arriving early in 2020…

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